Yo, it's Can.

Designer with growth mindset and development experience.

As a Designer with Development & Conversion Rate Optimization experience, I give equal importance to your users, business KPI's, and aesthetics.
Throughout my career, I’ve worn multiple hats around digital products. I enjoy considering & improving the whole customer lifecycle holistically. Besides my main profession of UI/UX Design, I've had hands-on experience in UI Development and Conversion Optimization.
Lately, I've been questioning the UX/UI practices, doing qualitative & quantitative research, constructing hypotheses, and designing & coding A/B tests to validate my hypotheses in favor of desired business KPI's & Conversion Rate uplifts.

See some of my works at below, and don't hesitate to get in touch.


Design & Development 2018

Combined with 3 products ("Direct" for creating instant payment links, "Picnic" for selling your goods from Instagram & "Fox" for building a fully-equipped online store), Sopsy is the easiest way to sell or get paid online.

I've done the UI Development of Sopsy, also improved the UI Design in collaboration with Fol Studio.

Screenshots from Sopsy

BKM Express

Development 2016

I've developed the Web User Interface of BKM Express, which is heavily used by millions of people on both desktop & mobile devices as a payment solution for many of the biggest companies in Turkey, ranging from Turkish Airlines to McDonald's and many more.

Screenshots from BKM Express


Design & Development 2016

I've designed & built Sinemia's website, which is a monthly subscription service giving access to movie theatres via monthly fee. This work also included the design and development of Sinemia Social, Sinemia's BuzzFeed-ish content website.

Screenshots from Sinemia


Development 2016

Volt was an on-demand inner-city peer-to-peer ride-sharing app that connects car owners with passengers going in the same direction.

Volt needed a new website with simple but efficient UI animations to promote the highlights of the company; which eventually would help the company to touch their target audience. The new website helped Volt gain higher amount of users and improved its' communication.

Screenshots from Volt


Design & Development 2017

FretX is the first device that attaches to any guitar and teaches you how to play in a playful and dynamic way. Accompanied with the FretX App, it lights up to show you where to place your fingers so you can start learning chords and songs right away. FretX also has a web version to see chords of popular songs, independently from the device.

Starting on an already tight deadline, I've taken the project from scratch, designed & built the Website and Mobile App's UI.

Screenshots from FretX


I'm available for remote or freelance projects.
Feel free to reach out for collaborations or just to say hi.